05 Feb Lens Review: Fujifilm GF 23mm F4 R WR (Fujifilm GF)

Source: Fujifilm Insider

The Fujifilm GF 23mm F4 R WR is a really wide angle lens that can make so many scenes look fantastic.

There’s something about the Fujifilm GF 23mm F4 R WR that can only be described as majestic; it delivers a big, grand, wide view of the world but it also has a very classic documentary look and feel to it that I think is going to be valued by adventure and documentary photographers who choose the Fujifilm GF system. The combination of solid image quality and weather sealing will give this 18mm f3 full frame 35mm equivalent lens quite an edge when it comes to ensuring that all the elements of a story are there. Of course, this is a slow lens. So if you’re shooting images with it in a documentary setting you’re going to want to ensure that you’ve got enough lighting. To date, it’s the Fujifilm GF system’s chunkiest lens. But it’s also a prime option that feels great in the hand….

Lens Review: Fujifilm GF 23mm F4 R WR (Fujifilm GF) posted on Fujifilm Insider on .

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