05 Feb Lens Review: Fujifilm GF 110mm F2 R WR (Fujifilm GF)

Source: Fujifilm Insider

My time with the Fujifilm GF 110mm F2 R WR can be characterized as a really interesting one. At the moment of publishing this post, it’s the fastest lens available for the GF lineup. And in terms of typical 645 medium format, it’s a fast lens. But the GF system is a smaller format than 645, and so it’s possible to go to f1.8 or even f1.4. That would really give us a medium format look and feel a full frame 35mm wouldn’t be capable of doing. Though with a lens like this, you’re getting the light gathering abilities of f2 but the depth of field of somewhere around f1.5. Then your focal length gives you the compression of a 110mm lens but the field of view of an 85mm equivalent lens. Couple all of this with weather sealing, solid build quality, and beautiful image quality and you’re getting a fantastic lens offering. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to not call this one of the best portrait lenses we’ve tested in the right situations.

Before I go on, I want to explain my testing procedure. I used the Fujifilm GF 110mm F2 R WR in both traditional portrait settings, with and without flash, and for documentary testing in certains settings. The reason why is because the Fujifilm GFX 50s, with its inherently not full frame medium format sensor, would lend itself well to situations like this. But this is also the digital world of photography and in some ways the GFX 50S feels caught between the old film world, with the way you need to use the camera, and the newer digital photography world. Give it enough firmware updates though and I’m sure that Fujifilm can solve the issues….

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