27 Jul Lens Mount Options Growing for the Fujfilm MK Zooms

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Duclos and MTF offer conversion services for the popular and cost effective cine zooms.
When the original FujiFilm MK zooms came out this spring, we loved them but were frustrated they came in only one mount, E. Clearly, the target for this lens was the exceptionally popular Sony FS7 camera. While that camera has been a huge hit and is a smart target for Fuji to cater towards, we have been hoping from the start for more choices in the mount. The company quietly released a version for its own X-mount around NAB, which is wonderful for XT2 users, but until Fujfilm gets around to launching its own X-mount cinema camera, it still is a limited selection when compared to the wide array of choices you get from something like the Sigma line.

Of course, when a manufacturer doesn’t deliver something the market is hungry for, aftermarket vendors step in to deliver. In recent weeks, two well known and trusted lens vendors, Duclos and MTF, have started offering services customizing the MK zooms into other mounts. …

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