18 Sep Lens Envy and Telling a Sports Story with Fujifilm

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I’m not a sports photographer. If I am anything it is a documentarian or nature photographer, but I had never taken on professional sports until this year. Through a mutual connection, I had written to Chris Tennant, Head of Operations at the Northern Mystics professional netball team here in Auckland, New Zealand, and offered to create a documentary story of their 2021 season. Chris kindly agreed and so I excitedly found myself at the first home game of the season armed with my Fujifilm gear and ready as ever. As a Fuji user, I had amassed a small collection of the primes that make the system so brilliant alongside an often hired X-Pro3 and my X-T3. I’d arrived early at the game so I set about getting the XF23mmF2, XF16mmF1.4, XF56mmF1.2 and the XF90mmF2 out on the photographers’ table so that they were ready to go. As the other photographers arrived it quickly became apparent that I was something of a point of derision as they looked at my diminutive gear. Large full-frame DSLRs were the order of the day alongside bulky 70-200mm lenses and larger primes, and my X-T3 paired with an XF23mmF2 looked minuscule, to say the least! […]

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