12 Jan Lens Basics – DOF, OOF Backgrounds And Bokeh In Portraits

Source: Fuji Love

In this article I explain how depth of field (DOF) and an out of focus (OOF) background are independent of each other. It is possible to have a front to back subject sharpness in a portrait yet have an out of focus background and it is equally possible to have a shallow depth of field and a fairly well rendered background. Glossary Depth of field or DOF is a phrase that refers to the distance about the focal plane that appears to be acceptably sharp. Large apertures and tend to cause a small depth of field or a shallow focus while small apertures tend to cause a large depth of field or deep focus. Bokeh refers to the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out of focus parts of a photograph and is not a measure of quantity. You can’t have more bokeh but you can have swirly bokeh or calm bokeh. The relationship between depth of field and out of focus backgrounds The depth of field in the subject is fixed for a given aperture irrespective of the focal length used. That it, If I shot a head and shoulders portrait with the XF 23mm lens at f/2 […]

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