21 Feb Leica Sofort: Selfies with a difference

Source: Macfilos

Will I, won’t I. The announcement of the Leica Sofort back in September left me a little cold. I thought it was a good idea, but would I use it. I remembered the days of the Polaroid SX70. I bought one for a trip to East Germany in the 1980s and caused a minor sensation in the historic village of Werningerode when I produced the Polaroid and started churning out pictures. I used about ten packs of expensive film as more and more locals came up for their own private studio shot. Still, the SX70 was a flash in my pan and it was soon consigned to a shelf.

Back then the idea of instant gratification was a new concept — no chimping at screens and no instant sharing on Instagram or Facebook. Indeed, in these days of smartphones, selfies and instant social exchange, the idea of a Polaroid-style “instant” picture has lost much of its appeal. But I could be wrong, and Patrick Leong over at Finding Range believes I am.

Since I haven’t had a chance to play with the Sofort (memo to self, ask Leica if I can borrow one…) I can tell you that Patrick had a blast with the Sofort. It’s something different. It’s an intriguing little camera and really isn’t that expensive. Could I be tempted?

You can read his Patrick’s full review here.

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