04 Oct Landscapes in Passing

Source: Charlene Winfred

June 2016, United Kingdom & Ireland.

Back in June, my Mum and I spent 2 weeks on a bus tour in the UK and Ireland. Quite by chance, we were in “town” when Brexit happened, with 38 other people and our tour guide: a British resident who is a Canadian of South African descent.

It was a mad tour. Having never been on anything like this, I think I’ve only just recovered from the shock of sight seeing (something I generally loathe) on steroids.

I’ve been a nomad for close to 4 years now, and in that time have moved around very slowly, often staying several weeks in a particular spot. I take a long interest in most new things, and that generally requires more than 15 minutes to appreciate where I am, before being whisked away to another historical site, slapped with a random list of 5 facts and herded on.

You can probably guess it wasn’t my dream holiday.

It was more National Lampoon’s Vacation really, replete with the classic Grand Canyon scene experience.

I would have laughed a lot more at the madness if I wasn’t so busy being a grouch. I worked every night in those 2 weeks, to meet a deadline that coincided with the end of the tour. 12 hours being dragged around Today’s 15 Big Things, lengthy dinners, then having to gather my remaining unfried brain cells (all 2 of them) to power through 3 hours of work was…

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