14 Jan Landscape Photography Workshop: Lisbon’s Wild Coast

Source: Fuji Love

West of Lisbon lies some of the most dramatic coastline in Europe. At Cabo da Roca, mainland Europe’s most westerly point, towering rock stacks stand just offshore of isolated stony beaches and Atlantic waves pound the cliffs, this really is a landscape photographers paradise. Westerly facing, it’s perfect for sunset with all the elements needed to create some stunning images of the ocean, and if we get clear skies at night we may even get the chance to photograph the stars.

Our guide, Andy Mumford, has been leading workshops in Portugal since 2011 and photographing the coastline around Lisbon since he first started photography over a decade ago. Over that time he’s gained an incredibly in-depth knowledge of the area, becoming familiar with it’s many stunning locations and how they interact with the light at different times of the year. We’re passionate about sharing these places, as well as the guide’s knowledge and experience of photographing them with you.

We’ll put you up in fantastic accommodation in the beautiful town of Sintra where we’re just a short drive from a number of breath-taking beaches, each with a different character and feeling and with different levels of difficulty in terms of access. This range of locations gives us the opportunity cater to the preferences and comfort of our participants, and also means we can adapt our schedule to ensure we go where the conditions look most promising.

Our aim is to take you to fantastic locations and give you every

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