09 May Landscape Photography Road Trip

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Tree near to Keld, The Yorkshire Dales. Fuji X-T2, 16-55 lens, ISO200, 1/20″ at f/11. Trpid mounted, Kase polarising filter and ND grad.

The other weekend I met up with a friend of mine, Steve O’Nions. The intention was to shoot some landscapes in an area of Cumbria we hadn’t visited before. The area looks stunning as you drive up the M6 motorway, but you hardly ever see any images from here.

Before meeting up we did some research using Google maps to understand which roads would likely give the best access. We turned off the motorway at the Tebay junction and headed down the narrow lanes. All seemed perfect and the weather was bright with white fluffy clouds. We explored a couple of locations off the road and decided to start filming the trip to share on Youtube.

By the time we were ready to start filming the light had become very harsh and the photo opportunities limited. If you want to know what happened next and how we came to shoot the image above, you can watch the video I shot on Youtube.

Steve will be publishing his version around the 18th May and you can see his channel here.

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