27 Feb Komoot

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I have mentioned in my last couple of blog posts how I have found a new App ! There are millions of Apps out there some great and some just pants. I use Strava and was thinking of combining Strava with this blog as Jane and I travel more to show people where we go and give them a map and post the images on here. By chance a friend of mine who loves her cycling mentioned she planned her routes and looked for routes on Komoot. I had a quick look at the App and was hooked.

What a very clever beautifully simple app that helps you plan but also you can record your route and all the photos you add to your phone on the route can be added to the route when you save it !! How amazing is that.

For a while I just post images on facebook share the same old crap etc but I started to enjoy my daily facebook stories and share my walks. Komoot will give me just what I need to make and design my walks and bike rides so I can share them and I can add the words and videos worth a few decent photos here.

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