06 Dec Kölner report

Source: Jonas Rask

I promised you.

I promised to show. But promises are just so easily broken, aren’t they?

I think I needed to sit on it for a while. Soak it all in. Just process it. Let it resonate, and then pick it back up. Maybe I wasn’t too happy with the outcome, or maybe I should just stop being such a whiny little dog.

Just push content. But push it through the RIGHT channels. The independent channels. The channels that do not conform to seclusion of my own goddamn illusion of life.

This is only a fraction of my images from Cologne trip back in september. But this is my choice. These are the images that resonates in my mind. Bring back memories of a time where I was overwhelmed, honoured, humbled and very happy. I met wonderful people. I made good friendships with incredible people. I talked, I drank, I laughed. It was a great week.

This is my Kölner report. Part eins

X-Pro2 // X-T2 // XF23mmf2 // XF35mmf2 // X70


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