24 Aug Kindle-book “F8 and Been There” for photographers

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Bill Palmer has just published a new book, entitled “F8 and Been There”. For those visiting the listed european cities in a tight schedule, Bill created a usefull guide, written specifically to photographers.

The short city break today is a performance art-form, made possible by modern transport and particularly by low-cost airlines; it is the rhyming couplet – or, depending upon your destination, the limerick – of leisure travel and deserves to be appreciated and captured as such.

This is a light-hearted book of advice and guidance, hints and tips intended for photographers contemplating a 48-72 hour European citybreak to one of ten popular destinations. Read no further if your idea of travel photography is sending your mates a duckface selfie from the beach in Marbella.

F8 and Been There is written for photographers who are fed up of getting home with that nagging feeling of having been there, missed something, that they have just re-shot all the cheesy guidebook shots or wasted much of their valuable leisure time on overhyped rubbish. You can spend endless hours searching the web, or having your interest piqued by the weekend travel sections without getting to the really useful stuff for anyone who enjoys seeing the world through a viewfinder and capturing it for future reference.

I’ve set out to right that wrong. Every destination that I write about in this book I have visited, sometimes more than once, on business, pleasure or both. I have written the book that would

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