22 Feb Keeping that FujiLove During Lockdown

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Many of us reflect on 2020 as the year that could have been. For someone who loves taking pictures while travelling the reality of a worldwide lock-down was disappointing. I reside in Canada where travelling has been strongly discouraged. With no idea when travel would be safe again, how was I going to keep my interest in photography going?  I am a member of a very active local photography club. As a member of the executive we looked at ways in which we could continue in a “locked down” world. Pre-pandemic, we would meet monthly to discuss new techniques, chatter about the latest in camera equipment and view photographic work by members.  In addition, each month the club members would meet at some location to take pictures. As the number of cases increased in my country the local government was forced to introduce more stringent measures in order to “flatten the curve”. Photographic outings went from meeting at a set location while keeping 2m apart, to suggesting a shooting location with no set time period of meeting, to no outings at all. For safety reasons normal club activities had to be suspended and the club changed to an on-line state. The club continued to give […]

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