09 Nov Karolina Sandra at the Haçienda ~ 1 light magic

Source: Pro Photo Nut

Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Karolina Sandra
Styling: Damien and Karolina
Light: Lupo 1000 dual colour LED fresnel spotlight
Camera: GFX50s
Lenses: GF 32-64mm f/4 and GF 110mm f/2

25 Pictures from a recent one light interior portrait workshop in London.

01. The loft studio in the heart of London is full of character created by years of industrial use. I sat Karolina on the windowsill and gave her a bit of kick light with the Lupo 1000. I love how the 32-64mm lens has a natural, uncomplicated bokeh.

02. A Scattergel gave a wonderful dapple to the light we used in this part of the home studio.

03. Sumptuous red, luxurious blue and opulent silver set the mood in this set of shots.

04. The Lupo 1000 spotlight made a star of Karolina. The vignetting is created naturally using the lighting fall off. The barn doors give a really good control to simplify this process. What you see is what you get and its not possible to get the same look with flash. I love shooting from above (bottom left) and the tilting screen on the Fujifilm GFX50s makes the process really easy.

05. Having a pillow fight is a good way to get the energy up on a shoot.

06. I set the Lupo to 3200k, my white balance in camera to 3400k and I let the daylight go blue.

07. This is a shot I captured for my forthcoming book called Tutu. I used a Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4 strength filter to create the

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