21 Oct Kandooma.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

XPro2 + XF35mm F1.4

Maldives was never in my bucket list for travel photography. Can’t imagine being stuck in a small island for a week. Having said this; my wife can’t resist a promotional deal from Silkair and the rest is history. The only other happy person was my daughter because she will missed school for a week. Yes;

this is called good parenting.

Next was to book a resort. I remembered photographing the ex- COO of IHG Asia-pac,  And I asked him which is his favorite beach destination? Holiday Inn Kandooma. He did mention; it’s a perfect place for families. I guess I can’t go very wrong with the recommendations of a family man from the hospitality industry. Now the biggest headache; packing my gears. I know the first camera to pack is definitely my only underwater camera; Fujifilm XP90. Next was my X-Pro2; and which lens should I pack? I told myself to bring only 3 lenses. A wide; a mid and a little more tele. Those who know me, know that I am never a one camera one lens person. I didn’t keep to the 3 lenses intention; instead here are my 4 lenses; XF10-24mm, for that ultra wide landscape needs. Next is XF23mm F1.4, my default fixed on lens for the camera. The 3rd lens is the classic XF35mm F1.4. Perfect documentary portraits and some details shots. Lastly I actually wanted to loan a XF55-200mmm lens for light and very dependable zoom

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