13 Jul Joyfulness series: Me, my Fuji X camera and two people in love

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Hello Tom! Could you tell us a little bit about you?
Hey Guys, I’m a photographer based in Ghent, Belgium. Proud dad of two sons Bent & Gust and hubby to the witty & creative wentiti.be. As a family we love to travel. The first X camera I picked up was the X100, love at first sight but we didn’t get along… could be anyone’s ex girlfriend right!? With the XPRO I started to incorporate Fuji X camera’s in my professional work but it wasn’t until the the X-T1 that I switched to a Fujifilm only gear line-up.

How did you start as a photographer? Was it a long time goal, or it just happened by the work of destiny?
I was bitten by the photography bug in 2007 when I bought my first dSLR because I wanted better pictures on holiday… I started shooting everything & everyone around the house. In 2008 a couple of friends asked me shoot their wedding and before I realised what happened I had 15 weddings in the pipeline. Only then I realized that is was what I wanted to do!

In parallel to your commercial work, like weddings and family photoshoots, you have also a very interesting personal project going on, the #joyfulness. How did it all start? Where did the idea came from?
A couple of years ago I bought the book “Romance”, by Chris Craymer, back then it was an inspiration to me to make some

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