02 Jun Job done?

Source: Don Craig

Exposure X3 for work

It had to happen. With the upgrade of one of my work cameras to the X-H1, I had to look for an alternative to Lightroom 6 to process a recent freelance job. My government work photography still relies upon Lightroom Classic CC to process images, but I have been looking for an alternative to the Adobe rental model for my personal projects and jobs.

I have tested Alien Skin Exposure X3 with good results, but until now, I haven’t tried to process an entire job. A few weeks ago I got the chance to put Exposure X3 through it’s paces, processing a batch of a few hundred photos. In short, Exposure X3 got the job done admirably. Aside from having to learn some new keyboard shortcuts, I would say that the job was completed in about the same time it would have taken me in Lightroom.

This job was photographing a long-service awards ceremony and reception. It’s a mixed bag of candid photos in a variety of lighting conditions, plus a large number of stage presentation shots under fixed lighting conditions. (By the way, I used the new X-H1 with the XF16-55mm f/2.8 lens for the entire event. The combination worked great; the improved auto-focus and IBIS of the X-H1 really changes how I use the 16-55.)

Exposure X3 handled all the tasks I needed to complete really well. Imported RAW files are automatically adjusted so that only minor tweaks were needed to complete the exposure

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