03 Aug Jim Gamblin

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Since moving to the Netherlands, almost all of my trips / holiday’s, etc. have been in the compass direction of south. Warm weather, warm blue water, but during holiday time very very crowded.

This year my family and I decided on something different. Our daughter has a girlfriend whose family have a cabin in south central Norway and that was our destination to stay at a house owed by the family.

Before I go any further and get into the photos I made, I must say this region is not loaded with those iconic landscapes Norway is so famous for. It was also not loaded with a lot of holiday makers. Making it an ideal spot for me, especially after living in crowded Holland. Like most places that aren’t known very well because of their lack of iconic sites, one can always dig a little and find something of value.

Putting together my kit for this trip, I puzzled over several combinations and ended up with the following: 2 X-Pro2’s, Fuji 14mm, Fuji 35mm f/1.4, Voigtlander 75mm f/2.5 M mount and a Konica 135mm f/3.2. The 14mm and 75mm were on the cameras the most (about 65%). The 35mm and 135mm split service fairly evenly the rest of the time.

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