01 Apr Jakarta Sunset

Source: Little Big Travelling Camera

I have to admit it the picture above is cropped. Heavily cropped to be more precise. Here is the original shot.

Maybe this answers the question wether 24 Megapixels are enough. I cropped out a small portion and still ended up with a 6 MP image. Not long ago that was the resolution of the best digital cameras. Times have changed! Of course this example is extreme and has nothing to do with real world practice but here is a real world example. Imagine a head shot that you took in portraits orientation. Now it is no problem to crop in tight and change to landscape and you will still end up with enough pixels for high quality prints.

Now something about the images. I was in my hotel room in West Jakarta. After a thunderstorm the sun came out again just before sunset. Of course the sun was blocked by the skyscrapers and my hotel but the light was fantastic. I grabbed my camera and attached the 14mm lens to get the high buildings into the frame. I still had to tilt the camera upwards which caused falling lines that I corrected in Lightroom.

In many big cities the skyscrapers are office buildings. In Jakarta, Indonesia they are condos. The metropolitan area of Jakarta has more than 30 million people. That’s almost the population of Canada. Another interesting number:..

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