07 Jul It’s here: now let the Fuji X-T1 vs. X-T2 vs. X-Pro2 vs. The World comparisons begin!

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When a new camera is announced, the interest that it generates usually comprises two steps. The first is to gather as much new information as you can about the product. The second involves comparing the camera to its siblings to understand what the most relevant changes are. And it won’t be any different with the new Fujifilm X-T2!

We knew that this Fujifilm camera was on the horizon because of rumours, leaks and pure logic. It arrives 7 months after the announcement of the rangefinder flagship camera, the X-Pro2. And yes, they are both flagship products, as their respective prices clearly reveal ($100 less for the X-T2 at the moment).

The good news is that Fujifilm didn’t just copy and paste the new features introduced on the X-Pro2 earlier this year. The company added some improvements like an updated AF system and 4K video. Compared to the X-T1, it is an even bigger improvement than anyone would have predicted.

As usual, you will find news articles as well as detailed comparisons on our curation website. Here I will share more personal thoughts. Don’t you worry, the X-T2 is already on our review list!

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It’s here: now let the Fuji X-T1 vs. X-T2 vs. X-Pro2 vs. The World comparisons begin! posted on Mirror Lessons on .

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