01 Sep It is inside and all around you.

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With the popularity of Instagram and the competition to find the most exotic photographic location, many photographers feel the need to spend a fortune to capture popular destinations. In the meantime, many don’t realize that the most amazing photographic subject may well be just around you.

Photography is the art of connecting and seeing in your own way! Seeing is specific to the person’s feelings, experiences and visual sensitiveness. The starting point of “seeing” is always a connection. There should be some kind of emotional, intellectual, visual or even physical connection to a place, situation or person to warrant being the subject of a photograph.

X-Pro1, XF 35mm F1.4

Not only do you have a strong connection with your family but you know their lives inside out. Witnessing your “subjects” daily allows you to capture those fleeing moments of joy, sadness, beauty and misery of daily existence. When photographing people you don’t know, you usually experience one dimension – after all, we all want to show our best side when being photographed. Unfortunately, this posturing is a serious barrier to overcome. When photographing your family, this barrier is usually down, allowing you to produce important photographic work.

X-T1, XF 56mm F1.2

No, you don’t need to get fancy when photographing your family. You are not there to test your flash system or your fancy telephoto. You must focus on them. The moments when your newborn looks into your wife’s eyes and they lock together or when your son

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