05 Dec Is the XF18mm f/2 still worth buying in 2019?

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The very small 18mmF2

Hey guys, hope your all well. So this is the first review blog I have done and it’s basically two weeks of owning the 18mm F2 and what I have found so far. Spoiler alert, this little lens is absolutely brilliant, so don’t listen to rubbish people say about it!

So, why did I buy the 18mm F2? Well, its all the 35mm F1.4’s fault! Yes, that’s right, I blame a lens for me buying another lens. Its all due to the way the 35 renders an image. The photos this lens produces have a special quality that I just can’t put my finger on, but wow! This made me think, I wonder if the other two original lenses (35mm, 18mm and 60mm are the original X-series lenses released) produce shots of similar quality. Needless to say, I had to try them out.

I’ll start with this, I’m no pixel peeper, shooting brick walls looking for distortion and all that rubbish. I test a lens by getting out and about and using it as I would normally! So ye, I don’t shoot many brick walls. Sorry! What you will see in this post are images I have taken in my normal situations on the street taking street photos! Nothing technical, just how does the lens performs.

Another side point is that every review of this lens is old and on one of the older Fuji cameras. I have been shooting the lens on my

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