26 Jul Is Instagram Finished for Photographers?

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With a clear switch of focus towards short form video is Instagram still a worthwhile platform for photographers? Social media can be something of a touchy subject, as people seem to either love or loathe it, and there is often very little grey ground in-between the two sides. When it comes to photographers the case seems to be equally as contentious, with some religiously following and committing to their chosen platforms whilst others tip toe into them occasionally as if they were acid baths. Personally, I guess I walk that tightrope of a thin grey line that separates the two sides; although that is somewhat reluctantly. Even though I do see their value, at lease in certain circumstances and to some photographers, for me there’s little but angst and stress in using them. It often appears as if the whole world is being lured in by a digital Pied Piper, one whole steals their time, compromises their privacy, and dangles souls and emotions precariously over a sharp blade by offering scant recompense in the form of the new social cyber currency of likes, and with the promise of exposure. And of course, there are enough online gurus (or disciples) out […]

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