21 Jun Is Fuji-X really a professional system?

Source: DIY Photography

I admit to being a bit of a Fuji fanboy. I have to be in order to put up with all the quirks of the Fuji X system. I believe it is this unconventional approach by Fuji that results in their growth and dedicated following.

But there is more to meeting my needs as a professional photographer than just having cameras with the right features and an array of lenses. So here’s why I question Fujifilm’s X-System as meeting my professional needs:

Before I bought my first X-Pro2 or made any commitment to the Fuji system, I called the Fuji service center and asked if they had a professional service program like the excellent ones from Sony and Canon. They said they have had a big demand for it and expect to have it in the next few months. This was 2 ½ years ago and so far there isn’t one, except for the GFX system (even Fuji told me that only a small fraction of pros using Fuji cameras use the GFX system.)

At that time I thought to myself that the X-Pro2 appeared well made and the lenses had a good feel to them and I could probably live without the pro service for a few months. I ultimately bought another X-Pro2 so I could always have two different lenses ready and also to have a backup. In my 33 years of professional shooting I never had a lens fail from normal use so I didn’t worry about that part of it….

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