12 Aug Into the Garden with the X-T4

Source: Fuji X Passion

The X-T4 is a new flagship from Fuji, a fantastic hybrid-stills camera with upgrades that seem built for a video shooter in mind. However, I’d say that there are a few improvements to this camera that stand out to me, a primarily stills shooter. I’ve used it for the past week for landscape and nature photography, and I wrote down some thoughts this morning as I visited some local gardens. As a primarily still nature/landscape photographer, I noticed I really like these aspects:

1 – Focus Accuracy and Speed

I had no problem with the focus on the X-Pro3 or the X-T3, but the X-T4 is an instantly noticeable upgrade.

Although the X-T4 shares the same focusing hardware as the X-T3, the new software tweaks make an outstanding difference. Everything was snappier, and the camera locked focus as confidently as I could hope for. In fact, I haven’t had a Fuji camera give me the same outright confidence in autofocus as a Canon 1D series camera until now. It’s simply fantastic (and I hope they update the X-T3 with this new algorithm!).

Continuous mode is where I noticed the most important improvements. Although I’m no sports photographer, I can still appreciate the way this autofocus mode can aid a nature photographer. While I as shooting in the garden this morning, even with the 80mm macro, the camera tracked and focused quickly as I moved slightly in and out of the frame, and “stuck” confidently to what I wanted it to

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