14 Jan Into the Fujidome, Again

Source: Michael St. Jean Photography

There is a Fujifilm parade marching through my house. My first Fuji was a X-E1. Since I like having two bodies I bought a X-M1. I sold the X-M1 after I bought a X-T1. I bought a X70 as a daily carry and travel camera. I then bought a very used X-Pro1. I sold the X-Pro1 after I bought a X-T20 and then sold the X70 because the X-T20 was small enough. And then I bought a X-Pro2.

X-Pro2 Game Changer

Buying a used X-Pro2 messed me up. It is all I ever use now. It is portable, small enough that with the 27mm pancake, it fits into a coat pocket. With a grip attached it becomes formidable, large enough to comfortably hold and balance a large lens. It is high tech and old school. Serious and casual. I use it all the time.

For those not keeping score at home, I now have four Fujis: X-Pro2, X-T20, X-T1, and X-E1. Only two bodies are needed. The X-Pro2 is my “A” camera. For consideration is my infrequent “B” camera.

In the Fujidome, three cameras enter and two cameras leave.

Officially I work as the superintendent for a school district. Unofficially, I am the self-appointed staff photographer. The X-Pro2, my “A” camera, is with me seven days a week. During the weekday it travels in my work satchel along with a Chromebook, files, etc, and is on hand when I see something cool in the schools. The “B” camera appears when I shoot major school events

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