16 Jan Interview with photographer Stefan Neagu

Source: Sebastian Boatca

During the winter holidays I have finally met a fellow photographer from my hometown, Onesti, Romania, who uses Fujifilm cameras for his work and passion. Onesti is a small town, but one of the most important references to this city is that here, Nadia Comaneci attended the high-school and had its gymnastics trainings, that ultimately led her to being the greatest gymnast of all times.

Now back to our subject and my meeting with Stefan Neagu – I knew him for a while, from the online environment, but I knew it was about time to actually meet him in person.

His work, that he posts on the usual online platforms is really great and inspired, but his presence in a face to face dialogue is a pleasure. You all know that type of feeling when you could say “it seems like I’ve known you for ages”, when you keep discussing different subjects, one after another and you lose track of time and start being late for other appointments? That’s Stefan Neagu and you can find out more about him and his passion for photography, here on his website.

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