20 Jul Interview With May Monthly Theme Contest Winner Zlatko Vickovic

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Month after month, we here at Street Hunters have been wonderfully overwhelmed with a flood of great submissions for our Monthly Theme Contests! The contests from the first quarter of 2017 have yielded four truly outstanding winning shots from Roy Rozanski, Kristof Vande Velde, Christoph Wuzella and Sreejith Kaviyil. Four months. Four winners. Four great shooters from four different places on the globe. So what would May bring? Would we be showered yet again with great work?

May begins a five-month stretch where the Monthly Theme Contests will be focused on colors. From May through September, each month’s theme will be one specific color. It may seem simple enough, but the challenge itself raises the bar. The photo really has to stand out within the constraints of the color theme. A photo with just that color element would not be enough.

May’s theme was the color green, and, appropriately enough, we were presented with a bumper crop of green goodness! There was a multitude of shots with clever use of the color, popping off the screen and grabbing our attention. But one shot was more than just a poppin’ o’ the green. More than clever. Ladies and gentlemen, Zlatko Vickovic won this month with an explosion of green!

Zlatko Vickovic, Street Photographer The street photographer Zlatko Vickovic, winner of the Streethunters.net May Theme Contest

Zlatko Vickovic hails from Novi Sad, Serbia and states his work explores “connections between people and their natural environment, as much as in urban as in rural settings”. He has had photographs featured numerous times on various online sites and in printed articles, newspapers and magazines. His current large-scale project is named ‘Dying Time’, and it is about “his rapidly dying home country Serbia”, which is among 11 countries in the world that will lose more

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