28 Sep Interview with Matt Gutteridge, wedding photographer

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Hello Matt! Could you please introduce yourself?
I’m Matt, I’m 40 and a wedding photographer based in the south west of England. I’m married to Lillian and have 3 boys that are all growing up very quickly! I’m a family guy really and love the whole family vibe; you know, eating around the table, watching films and going on holiday together, stuff like that…

Fuji X-T1 . Fuji XF56mmF1.2R . f/1.2 . 1/680″ . ISO 200Fuji X-Pro2 . Fuji XF23mmF1.4R . f/1.4 . 1/850″ . ISO 200

What’s your story, since you discovered Photography to the day you became a full-time wedding photographer?
It’s funny looking back on how the whole photography thing started for me; I was rummaging through my parents cupboard when I was about 11 or 12. I don’t really know what I was up to but I remember looking through these little boxes full of stuff and finding a camera. It was an old Hanimex range finder style camera. I remember looking at it and thinking how amazing it looked. I asked my mum if I could try it out, she loaded it with a roll of film and that was it, I was hooked! My first roll of film was 24 pictures of my dad’s van. They may be worth millions now… (maybe not).
Anyway, over the years my love for photography grew into a passion. I invested in equipment, had my own darkroom and developed black and whites in my basement but was no

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