27 Sep Interview with Mark Baber of Panasonic – GH5, G80, premium compacts and more!

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Between trying out all the new mirrorless products and attending press events at Photokina 2016, we also managed to fit in a couple of interviews: the first was with Mark Baber, Trade Marketing Manager at Panasonic UK. We covered a number of topics, from the pre-announcement of the GH5 and the G80’s updated version of Dual IS to Depth from Defocus technology and the National Trust roadshows being held around the UK.

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ML: As you can imagine, we have lots of questions about the GH5 but we know that there isn’t any more information available at this time. Why pre-announce the camera with so few specifications?

MB: There is always a desire for a product, whether it is the next Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm or Panasonic. If we work it out lifecycle-wise, it’s every two years, certainly if you look at the last products we’ve had and people start guessing at around this time. My opinion would be that if we leave it too late, we might miss out on something. It’s been quite challenging not to tell people about it – it’s a relief in a way! We don’t know the specific date but we’ve told the industry that this game-changing product is coming early next year.

ML: Would you say it is still an advantage to announce new products at Photokina?

MB: It works both ways. The

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