29 Mar Interview with London Underground Street Photographer Tarik Ahmet

Source: Street Hunters

We’re in a privileged position here at Streethunters.net in that we’re lucky enough to see a lot of different street photos from loads of photographers all the time. Just a quick browse through our Flickr or Facebook group gives you an example of the great work we get to enjoy on a daily basis. But what really gets our creative juices flowing is when we see a street photographer who not only pushes themselves out of their comfort zone, but also goes a step further and creates a set of photos that combine together to form something cohesive and powerful. We’re talking of course about street photographers creating projects. The particular project that caught our interest in this instance came from Tarik Ahmet, who dropped us an email to tell us about his experience on an epic 24 hour street hunt on the London Underground. Intrigued? You bet we were! Read on for our Streethunters.net interview with Tarik discussing the finer points of his crazy project.

First off, how fantastic to have put together a street project like this – it’s all too easy to just snatch street photos here and there and not have a consistent theme tying them all together. What gave you such great and unusual idea for a project like this?

Thanks for the kind words. Well I’ve always found the London Underground a fascinating place – such a vast mix of people cooped up in a vessel made to stand closer than they’d usually stand to strangers, all the while managing to avoid eye contact at all cost (well in most cases). I however always find myself looking at people wondering what their story is, where they’re going and what they’re thinking. It’s so intriguing.

The “#freethenight” posters caught my attention one morning and…

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