11 Jan Interview With August Monthly Theme Contest Winner Jasmin Gendron

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2017 has been an incredibly bountiful year for the Street Hunters Monthly Theme Contests!  Roy Rozanski, Kristof Vande Velde, Christoph Wuzella, Sreejith Kaviyil, Zlatko Vickovic, Svilen Nachev and Constantinos Arvanitis have guided us through the first seven months, capturing the crown in challenging themes with their superb images. Each month provides us with a new challenge, too! As I’ve said before, each batch of submissions becomes harder to judge because of the bar constantly being raised by the previous winners and the ever-increasing quality of the work being submitted.

August brought the fourth episode of our five-month run on colors in the Monthly Theme Contests. The color blue theme in July gave us many cool photos to pore over, but in August the theme warmed up again with the color yellow. The competition heated up as well, with a slew of scrumptious submissions!

Yellow proved to be anything but mellow when it came to choosing a winner, and as always, competition was definitely stiff. When the dust finally settled, one shot stood above the rest? And the photographer responsible? That would be Jasmin Gendron!

Jasmin Gendron, Street Photographer The street photographer Jasmin Gendron, winner of the Streethunters.net August Theme Contest.

Jasmin Gendron is a Quebec City-based Canadian photographer who is in the process of moving to Japan. He is a self-taught photographer who “uses street photography to immortalize energy and emotions from magnificent, human and comical scenes, with a poetic, subtle and unobtrusive approach.” Jasmin draws his inspiration from trips, trivial and big events to step out of his comfort zone and capture his images and he is also interested in how the environment impacts human actions and decision. His work has been featured in various online magazines, including 121 Clicks, Life Framer, Neocha and Dozodomo. His own website, http://www.jasmingendron.com,

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