21 Jun Interview With April Monthly Theme Contest Winner Sreejith Kaviyil

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The winning shots for The Street Hunters Monthly Theme Contests have been outstanding! Each month, each theme, has brought us a slew of great submissions and choosing finalists has become a most  delightfully arduous task. Christoph Wuzella knocked us out in March with his Flash theme submission. Kristof Vande Velde took us into the Surreal with his otherworldly February submission. And Roy Rozanski crossed us up properly with his Zebra Crossings submission for January. So, what would April bring?

The theme for April was Juxtaposition, and again we were showered with some killer submissions! Juxtaposition, as defined by Merriam Webster, is “the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side often to compare or contrast or to create an interesting effect.” The clever capture/use of juxtaposition can truly make a street photograph. That being said, there was cleverness abound within April’s submissions. However, there was one shot that brought it home with *multiple* juxtapositions! The one who prepared the buffet of juxtaposition? That would be Sreejith Kaviyil!

Sreejith Kaviyil, Street Photographer The street photographer Sreejith Kaviyil, winner of the Streethunters.net April Theme Contest

Sreejith Kaviyil hails from Kerala, the southernmost state of India and teaches physics for a living. But Sreejith has a passion for photography as well, in particular… street photography. “I love photographing people on streets,” Kaviyil said. In 2012, he bought an entry-level DSLR and he has been in “deep love with this instrument” ever since. He shares his work in groups like APF, Street Photography in the World, Facebook and also on Flickr and Instagram.

After the interview, be sure to follow the links to see more of Sreejith’s work and keep him in your feeds to see what unique scenes he and his camera will capture next!

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