05 Oct Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, by Tana Gandhi

Source: Fuji Love

When I first heard about the Instax Mini 90, I immediately shared the link with all my photo buddies. One of my friends, Jolie, mentioned that she would be in Japan at the exact time that the camera came out!! (it would take a few months for it to come out in the U.S). A huge thanks to Jolie for picking this up on your trip to Japan earlier this year!

A few features that are new and exciting about this camera:

First// The Macro feature allows you to get close-up detail shots of say something like these flowers below. You can get crisp shots straight from the setting. Previously, you’d have to use this small attachment thing that was easy to lose and it was all sorts of unpredictable. Not so much anymore! This feature is great for stills and will definitely be using this the most.

Second// The double exposure feature allows you to layer two images on top of each other to get an effect like this. *Tip: If you want to take photos like this, (First) shoot the silhouette you want against something that’s back-lit like a clear sky and (Second) take a photo of whatever pattern you want to fill within the silhouette.* Also do you see that black dot in the third photo? It’s the sun! So don’t shoot with the sun in background.

Third// Manual settings give more flexibility for exposure. You have control over taking lighter or darker photos and

Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, by Tana Gandhi posted on Fuji Love on .

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