16 Jul Instagram Gentrification !

Source: LightTraveler

With the recent announcement from the Instagram CEO we now have big changes coming for video and algorithms on Instagram to push video and promote video and push out the other creatives.

I guess it was always going to happen, it’s always the creative people who create a cool area in a city that then turns in to a creative community that is then taken over by corporate buisness pushing the creatives out. This not only happens in city’s but happens on the Internet also.

Love or hate Instagram it was built off the back of creative people. Then Facebook took over ! Then the thieves and fakers followed by the Fake accounts started to come in. These were followed by the follow unfollow crowd this was the point where Facebook changed the Algorithms to prevent our work being seen by anyone but people we follow or follow us.

This was when all the Algorithm scammers came in to hoover up likes and get people big following numbers !

Then came Instagram influencers ! Most started with huge fake numbers and mostly boring images but more people followed them because they had big numbers making them Insta famous.

This was the beginning of the end for the real creatives on Instagram.

I was never interested in numbers but have watched my numbers fall with every algorithm change. I have

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