12 Mar Inside Marcelo de Coghlan’s Camera Bag – Bag No. 151

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Inside Marcelo de Coghlan’s Camera bag! (Bag No151)


I’m Marcelo de Coghlan, from Buenos aires, Argentina. Dentist is my main activity, and amateur photographer. I love the environment portrait and street photography. I have been using the X100 series for a long time, but last time I discovered that I feel more comfortable with the 50mm lens. Separating the subject from the background easily. Another of my passions is motorcycling. I love travel over dusty roads, and with rain and mud the XT1 with the 50mm f2 wr are perfect because of the weather sealing. The Billingham Bag is extremely tought and waterproof. The rain and snow are magic in street photography, and the new configuration bag and camera is perfect to walk without worries.


Marcelo de Coghlan’s Camera Bag – Bag No. 151Contents: Billinghams Hadley small Fujifilm XT1 with 50mm F2 WR Two spare batteries Swell bottle with Bialetti or Satrbucks coffee Sunglasses with RX Lens Pen Pen Moto G5s plus Closing: Saludos desde Buenos Aires Link(s):  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fotosmdc/

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