02 Apr Inside John Hughes’ Camera Bag – Bag No. 153

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Inside John Hughes’ Camera bag! (Bag No153)

I’m John Hughes a street photographer based in the UK, I spend most of my time shooting in Cambridge and London. I can’t believe I’ve never sent my whats in my bag to Streethunters.net,
First, we’ll start with my camera bag this had to be lightweight and small, yet still big enough to carry what I needed. I decided on the Billingham Hadley Small (Khaki / Tan). I love this bag it’s lightweight, waterproof and it doesn’t look like a camera bag, perfect for the streets of London, it never gets noticed. The bonus for me is that it never gets in the way and most of the time I forget I’m carrying it. I carry my:

John Hughes’ Camera Bag – Bag No. 153Contents: iPhone 8 plus, a pen, business cards, 5 spare batteries, spare SD cards, a Lee filter cleaning cloth, Bose wireless headphones (for my travelling) and of course my wallet, well I have to pay for things!

Of course, I also have a camera and lens. When I head out onto the streets I like to take 1 camera and 1 lens, right now that would be my

Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujifilm 56mm F1.2 lens which I love, however, if the light is perfect I’ll also take my 23mm F2 lens. Closing: Anyway, that’s all I ever take to the streets, I never need anything more.

Website: https://www.johnhughesphotography.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/56.street.shooter/

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