23 May Inside Jamelle Bouie’s Camera Bag

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Inside Jamelle Bouie’s Camera bag! (Bag No91)

Greetings Street Hunters,

I am a political writer and analyst living in Washington D.C. I love writing, but in the last few years I’ve realized my passion is photography, and in the last year, I’ve embraced film after growing up with digital cameras. D.C is a fairly busy city, and a great place to do street photography (as well as architectural photos, if that’s your thing). And I try to take time from work every day to do just that.   My daily camera is a Konica Hexar AF, usually loaded with black and white film but not always. It offers a lot of the conveniences of digital in a compact film body with a fantastic lens. My bag is a leather ONA Brixton bag, where I also keep my laptop and assorted other items.

What’s in the Bag:

Contents: Konica Hexar AF with an orange filter if I’m shooting black and white. Ricoh GR10, which usually just stays in my pocket. On weekends, I have a medium format rig. Usually that’s a Fuji GA645, recently a Yashica Mat. Lumu light meter Kindle Battery pack for my iPhone Bluetooth headphones Closing:

Thanks for reading!


Instagram: http://instagram.com/jbouie

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