09 Jan Inside Frank Meffert’s Camera Bag

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Inside Frank Meffert’s Camera bag! (Bag No117)

Hi, my name is Frank. I’m from Frankfurt, Germany. Back in 2013 my wife convinced me to buy my first camera, because I was asking her too many questions about photography. We’ve been travelling a lot and we both found street photography very interesting. After taking part in a workshop by Thomas Leuthard, I decided to organize photowalks in Frankfurt, which we still do regularly today. I think street photography is a great way of documenting human life wherever you are. I don’t like usual photography bags, because I find them clumsy. I use FREITAG stuff from switzerland. I add soft inlays to protect my gear. I own my FREITAG bag for 6 years now, it’s more than just a bag, it’s a true friend, following me around the world.

My bag contains :

Frank Meffert’s camera bag -Bag 117Contents: FREITAG F14 DEXTER bag FREITAG F51 DALLAS wallet FREITAG F02 KEYHOLDER LOMO LC-A analog camera Fuji X100T digital camera Sailorstrap camera strap in black Fuji NP-95 spare batteries CLUB-MATE energy drink Apple iPhone 6s Business cards Leuchtturm Notebook and pen PANTONE color cards to practice seeing colors Some ibuprofen against headaches Sony MDR-EX450H headphones Closing: “Life is a series of rooms. Who we get stuck in those rooms with adds up to what our lives are.” (Eve, House M.D., S03E12) Link(s): Website: http://pht.frankmeffert.de (everything else is linked from there)   Rules of participation

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