11 Feb Inside Enrique Murciano’s Camera Bag – Bag No. 170

Source: Street Hunters

Inside Enrique Murciano’s Camera bag! (Bag No170)


My name is Enrique, I’m 59 years old and I live in Madrid, I’ve been doing street photography for so many years that I lost count. I always liked the life on the street and what happens to its people. The street photography is simple you only have to discover, create, collect, organise, and anticipate things that nobody would see if you did not see them. You just have to wait for the right light to appear, the right shadow, the right smile, the right moment, and then have the serenity to catch it. Street photography is that simple. I’m autodidactic.

Inside Enrique Murciano’s Camera Bag – Bag No. 170Contents: Fuji X-Pro2 Fuji X-100F Fujinon 18-55 Fujinon 10-24 Fujinon 55-200 Donke Bag F-5XB Batteries Neck and Hand Straps Business cards Closing quote: “Thanks to street hunters for letting me show my bag”
Link(s):  Website: www.enriquemurciano.es
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/enrique_murciano/
500px: https://500px.com/enriquemurciano

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