05 Oct Inside Dezutter Etienne’s Camera bag – Bag No.191

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Inside Dezutter Etienne’s Camera bag! (Bag No191)


I’m Dezutter Etienne -everybody says Tjen, 67 years living on this earth. Place of residence is Damme, a medieval place near Bruges. So, I’m an amateur photographer. I went nearly every day out to make some photographs most of nature. My credo is that what I see this morning, it can be gone by evening. I like to examine the relation(existing or not) between nature and human being … What’s each other’s place?

I began photographing in 1976 and … I still most of the time analogue gear. I have a Canon 50D and a Fuji XT 20 but there is always one of my lovers with me when I’m going out (or in ) …Pentax ME, MZ 7 and PZ 1- Mamyia TLR 330 F prof (love it to work with) Agfa isolette and Kodak Retina 1A . Most of the time I’m using older emulsions like Orwo !

In my photo bag, you can remark:”

Inside Dezutter Etienne’s Camera bag – Bag No.191Contents: two Pentax ME Pentax 50 mm 1.4 A 17 mm f 4 a teleconverter the Pentax spotmeter a booklet for my notes and some times a lot of Cokin filters

Closing quote:

“So If you’re going out to take photographs, try to see the different subjects in a creative way, stay tuned with yourself, be soulful busy and enjoyyyy!!!!”

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