21 May Inside Alexandre Méneux’s Camera Bag – Bag No. 156

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Inside Alexandre Méneux’s Camera bag! (Bag No156)

Hi Streethunters,

My name is Alex. I am 22 and I was born in France but I live in Montreal for a while. I work in animation features but I want to become a professional photographer. I love street photography, I practice every day. I focus on the atmosphere and storytelling. I like to feel free in my movements, therefore I have a minimalist bag.

I appreciate having less equipment and only one lens. It allows you to really know your tools and not ask yourself any more questions. I don’t have a computer anymore. Editing photos on IpadPro is really efficient, light and simple. Storage is automatic with iCloud.

Inside my bag:

Alexandre Méneux’s Camera Bag – Bag No. 156Contents: Fuji X100F Gopro session 5 Double battery and SD card Ipad pro and pencil Airpods Closing: Less is more Link(s):  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexandremeneux/

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