20 Apr Inside Alessandro Cipriani’s Camera Bag – Bag No. 185

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Inside Alessandro Cipriani’s Camera bag! (Bag No185)

“Hi, Folks! 

I’m Alessandro Cipriani, an amateur photographer. I love the road and all the possibilities that SHE  the street (yes, because it is a sentient and living entity, a concrete entity) give me. The TIME. Stop him and contemplate him, that face, the movement of the hands, death; the power to block death, almost a divine being.    After discovering analogue photography in its practical side (development and printing) and spending a few years with the Leica M7, I understood that the perfect system with which I would have been comfortable was the Leica M system,  I decided to sell a large part of my digital equipment and buy a Leica M9, a slow camera with many weak points but which fully reflects my photographic philosophy.   Contents:”

Inside Alessandro Cipriani’s camera bag – Bag No.185Contents: Domke F-5XB Leica M9 with Summarit-M 35mm F/2.5 Leica M7 with Summicron-M 50 F/2 Flash Leica SF-20 2xbattery KODAK 400 TX film Closing quote:


Link(s):  Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/123521553@N02/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alessandro_cipriani_/ Blog: http://alessandrocipriani.blog   Rules of participation

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