30 Jan Inside Adriano Cascio’s Camera Bag

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Inside Adriano Cascio’s Camera bag! (Bag No119)

Hello everyone!
My name is Adriano and I live in Italy, in a small town near Genoa. Photographer for over twenty years and I approached with constancy to the Street Photography by only a few years.
From 2015 I am part of an authorial project of Street Photography named “Italian Street Photography”. I like people watching, what shines through their eyes and their simple daily gestures, in front of a careful aim, can become unexpectedly extraordinary! I think it is not necessary to live in a big city to make Street Photography but you have to develop the ability to see and show others so the ordinary becomes extraordinary even in your own home. For me it is important to stop what is happening at any one time which, told through photography, it will remain readable even in the future.

My bag contains :

 Adriano Cascio’s camera bag – Bag 119

Contents: Shoulder bag (no photo) Fujifilm X70 camera with wrist strap Extra batteries (n ° 4) SD card (various sizes) GoPro Hero 4 (can always serve!) Closing: “The ordinary is extraordinary !!”. Thanks StreetHunters for this opportunity, we’ll see you in the street ! Link(s): Website/Blog: http://www.adrianocascio.com
Authorial Project: http://www.italianstreetphotography.com/photographers/adriano-cascio/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/adrianocasciophotography/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adrianocascio/   Rules of participation

Each person that submits the contents of his bag will also be allowed 150 words to describe her / him self to the rest of the StreetHunters.net Readers via the www.streethunters.net website pages! We will even allow one link, back to your website! It will be loads of fun! 

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