24 Sep Infrared: The third medium

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My entry into the world of infrared photography was through trial and error, with an emphasis on error. I wanted to give this form of photography a try, and in the beginning, that’s all I really knew. My first attempt was by way of a filter, and my first lesson was to NOT buy a $10 filter on eBay.

Fuji IR X-T20 . Fuji XF16mmF1.4 . f/7.1 . 1/100″. ISO 640 – Savannah, Georgia

I had no idea certain lenses failed to produce anything usable. I was unaware I’d need to rethink my approach to light, contrast and post-production all together. No matter the learning curve, my love for black and white photography would compel me to make it work.

I was already using a Fujifilm X-T20 when I saw a used version of the same camera for sale online. Its sensor had already been converted to infrared. “Heavy abrasion around the tripod mount” the ad said. “No problem” I said. Already acquainted with the settings of this model, I figured I’d be prepared to start playing with my new scientific toy. I was wrong.

I quickly learned the hard way about hot spots, how certain lenses had a whitish burn in the center of the frame. To remedy this, I began testing all of my lenses, and researching which lenses worked best for IR photography. Luckily, I already owned a few vintage Konica lenses for my existing Fuji system. In its heyday, Konica was one of few companies

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