06 Jan India with the Fuji XF16mm f1.4 and XF35mm f.14

Source: Fujifilm Insider

“I hate you and I love you, therefore I will go back to you…. Dhanyavad India, dhanyavad”.

These were the last words that came from the deepest part of my heart. I never thought that leaving India would mean a permanent photographic melancholy and endless desire to go back to India, as well as the desire to get to rediscovered it again.

That is the way India is, is like love and hate at the same time. Contradicting feelings, so contrary and so magnetic at the same time like the ocean and the land, like a bone-chilling cold winter night and a summer’s suffocating day. India is both, at the same time, beloved and hated, until the moment when the lived experience gets assimilated; At this point, the memories wrap you, seduce you, and finally they win you over to the point where it becomes a platonic love for eternity.

India with the Fuji XF16mm f1.4 and XF35mm f.14 posted on Fujifilm Insider on .

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