01 Mar Improving on Fuji’s Colors

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I’m not one of those folks, who works for hours on a single photo, to post process it to perfection. However, I do think many photos can benefit from a little tweaking. Almost all the photographs on this blog are post processed, often quick edits, that take less than a minute, with the exception of my HDRs of course.

Recently, however, I’ve experimented with a richer, more film like style. I’ve posted them under a tag I call Film-ish, which you can see here. Grainy black and whites or rich color images, I’m trying to achieve a more analog feel that gets away from that clinical and precise digital look. And while I’m also shooting film on occasion, it would be neat to create this look in digital.

Fujifilm, originally a film company, have noteworthy and highly respected X series of cameras, which are beloved by photo enthusiasts. The out of camera JPEGs are so nice that many people, including myself, shoot them only in JPEG, eschewing RAW. That was the case when I was in the Netherlands back in 2014, when my Fujifilm X100S was my go to camera.

But what if I can improve upon the colors and feel of the images? I’m playing with wacky combination of tools, to get a look easily, without living in Photoshop. The result is the image above. Read on, to see how I did it…

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