06 Nov Image Processing: Affinity Photo, Adobe, the way forward for Fuji fans

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It took me several years to learn how to use the features of Photoshop (PS) well enough for effective image editing. Like so many others, I considered the end results well worth the effort required.  I used Adobe Camera RAW to “develop” my RAW files before editing in PS. I was in a happy place.

Then Adobe announced that purchase of PS outright was to end and that they were introducing a new subscription pricing model. The advantage, they claimed, was that customers would always have access to the latest features via rolling updates. It was also claimed that customers would have access to the whole range of Adobe products within their Creative Cloud subscription.

Photographers all over the world, including myself, pointed out that many Adobe products are not used at all by many photographers so why should we pay for them? After initial denial that an issue existed, Adobe eventually introduced the photographic bundle of Photoshop and Lightroom for under £10 a month. This meant that continued use of PS on a temporary basis was possible but left the fundamental questions around the acceptability of the new system unanswered for many photographers including me.

This episode on its own was enough to demonstrate to me that Adobe are primarily focused on design professionals in a corporate environment. They have not put the needs of ordinary enthusiast photographers, nor even those of some professionals, high on the list of their priorities …

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