02 Aug I’m Giving my images for free

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I’m a professional full-time photographer and I choose to let people download and use 95% of my images (even commercially), here’s why. Who am I ? I’m Samuel Zeller, a freelance Photographer from Geneva, Switzerland. I’m also an ambassador for Fujifilm and the editor of Fujifeed.

I recently launched my “Archive” a repository which contains nearly all my photography, organized by location and subjects. All of the images can be downloaded for free in high resolution (up to 6000px on the longest side).

Oh and they’re all under a Creative Commons license.


I begun my career as a designer, working in agencies, doing retail design, graphic design, 3D rendering and more.

In most of the projects I was using other people’s work (fonts, photographs, 3D models, vector illustrations) as a base to build new content for clients.

For years I’ve been using other people’s work without really giving anything back.


About two years ago I stumbled on Unsplash, a website with free (do whatever you want) high resolution photos. I loved the concept instantly, people could just upload their images and give them away for free under a Creative Commons CC0 license.

So far, I uploaded 184 images on my Unsplash profile, they’ve been viewed over 63’000’000 times and downloaded over 613’000 times…

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