19 Feb I Wish I Could Remember Where I Was

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I’ve just been looking through my photo archive when I found a folder I didn’t recognise. Inside were other folders and inside those were thousands of images. Images that I had shot a long time ago using a Panasonic GX1 infrared camera. For some reason I hadn’t imported these files to Lightroom.


Thinking about it I probably didn’t bother because the white balance in Lightroom doesn’t work for infrared RAW files. After that, I probably forgot all about them until just now when I’ve rediscovered them. The problem is that I can’t remember where I was when I shot a lot of them and there are some, like this image, that I really like. I guess I’ve just learned a valuable lesson about organising my photos.

Location unknown. Panasonic GX1 with 720nm infrared conversion.

As I mentioned, this image was shot using a Panasonic GX1 which had a 720nm infrared conversion. If you’re not sure what that is, see my Infrared what you need to know article. The lens was an Olympus 12-40 at 12mm. I’m guessing this was a handheld exposure given the scene and that the shutter speed was 1/200” at f/7.1 and ISO160.

I did the RAW processing using Capture One and what surprised me was how good the image quality is. Originally when I was processing RAW files

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